27/02/2009 - 08/03/2009     Location: De verschijning, Tilburg



27/06/2009 - 12/07/2009     Location: Vertoningsruimte Argument, Tilburg

More pics of the showmartin.html



26/09/2009 till 04/10/2009      Location : De Verschijning, Tilburg

More pics of the showDaniel.html

[wieder] 5 Deutsche (DE)   

13/11/2009 till 22/11/2009      Location : Kunstpodium T, Tilburg

Lars Breuer    /  Jessica Centner  /  DAG   /  Sebastian Freytag   /   Guido Muench

More pics of the show5_deutsche.html

S_   MELT # 1

Christine Rusche (DE) Jan Maarten Voskuil (NL)

06/03/2010 - 28/03/2010      Location : Argument, Tilburg

More pics of the showS_MELT_1.html

S_   MELT # 2

André Pielage (NL) Sebastian Wickeroth (DE)

30/10/2010 - 07/11/2010      Location : Hall of Fame, Tilburg

More pics of the showS_MELT_2.html

Extra opening program with:

Chiptunes           : Gijs Gieskes Swing with           : DJ Jirilja

More pics of the showtilman.html

The GREAT little Graphic Art Show

Month of Graphic Art 2013

03/10/2013 - 01/11/2013     Location : Graphic Studio Daglicht, Eindhoven



Pam Aitken (aus) - Justin Andrews (aus)

Linda Arts (nl) Kate Beck (usa) - Rene van de Bos (nl) - Sigrid Calon (nl) Christoph Dahlhausen (de) Piet Dieleman (nl) - Iemke van Dijk (nl) Daniel Gottin (ch) - Jasper van der Graaf (nl)

Billy Gruner(aus) Brent Hallard  (jap) - Jose Heerkens (nl) - Gilbert Hsiao (usa)  Atsuo Hukuda (jap) - Arjan Janssen (nl) - Sarah Kneigerthy (aus) Johan Kuipers (nl) - Guido Nieuwendijk (nl) - Roland Orepuk (fr) - Gary Peters (nz) - Alexandra Roozen(nl) Danny Scholtze (nl) - Marije Vermeulen (nl) - Guido Winkler(nl)

More pics of the showThe_Great_little_graphic.html

Imaging Agent

In cooperation with Park-Platform of Visual Art

31/05/2014 - 06/07/2014     Location : Wilhelminapark 53, Tilburg (NL)


Imaging Agent is an exhibition curated by PIT (Project Initiative Tilburg), a nomadic art initiative that focuses on various areas of non-objective art. It enables (inter)nationally known artists to make and show site-specific work. As in this case in Park.

The title refers to itself, an Imaging Agent. In this particular case starting point is an imaginary horizontal line at 155 cm. above the ground. This line forms the base and combining element for the work the seven invited artists developed for Park.

Press for more pics of the showImaging_Agent.html

Blogged on Trendbeheer.com

Imgaing Agent in Brabants Dagblad parkIA.jpg  

Night & Day

In cooperation with Gallery Studio van Dusseldorp

08/11/2015 - 06/12/2015     |      Location : Wilhelminapark 110, Tilburg (NL)


Nov 8 / Dec 6 /  2015

Group exhibition curated by PIT at

Gallery Studio van Dusseldorp,

Wilhelminapark 110, Tilburg (NL)


Alexandra Roozen

Carlijn Mens

Dave Meijer

Linda Arts

Luc Hoekx (be)

Shawn Stipling (uk)

Tijl Orlando Frijns

Press to see pictures of the show

Night & Day in Brabants Dagblad   N&D.jpg

Newsletter Gallery : newsletter N&D.jpg

Mister Motley.nl  / Een denkbeeld doet zich voor


In cooperation with PARK - Platform of Visual Art

21/01/2017 - 05/03/2017     |      Location : Wilhelminapark 53, Tilburg (NL)


Jan 21  / March 5  /  2017

Opening January 21th @ 5pm by:

Maria Schnyder (curator Museum De Pont, Tilburg)

Group exhibition curated by PIT


Graphic Surgery

Jasper van der Graaf

Clemens Hollerer (AT)

Esther Stocker (IT)

Roos van Dijk

Sebastian Wickeroth (DE)

Press to see pics of the opening and show

AbStruct in the press

Brabants Dagblad AbStruct BD.pdf

Video impression by Gabiele Mariotti : Go to movie

Mister Motley


Tilburg Weekend

Chmkoome Blog



Fields of Joy

a project of PARK - Platform of Visual Art

curated by; Linda Arts

03-11-2018 - 16-12-2018     |      Location : Wilhelminapark 53, Tilburg (NL)

November 5 : Jan van der Ploeg will give a lecture about his murals and his other work

December 13: Jaqeuline Hamelink will give a performance with her cello, where she will be inspired by the artworks in the exhibition


Piet Dieleman (NL)

Jan van der Ploeg (NL)

Beat Zoderer (CH)